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Welcome to this humble website. It exists merely because I have an interest in the subject of ghost hunting. As they say on all the TV programmes "This website is for entertainment purposes only" - I am not here to prove or disprove anything, but merely to put a few pages together for your perusal.

My interest in ghost investigations and ghost hunts started a few years ago, but my interest in the paranormal started in my childhood after a few weird happenings. So it could be said I am a "sort of"believer in the unexplained (but that doesn't mean I believe in it all - I am also a very healthy sceptic).

If you can suggest any further links, or you are a paranormal investigator, or ghost investigation team, then drop me a line to be added. Although I am no longer an active ghost hunter, due to lack of time. I still take a keen interest in the paranormal.



The winter nights are drawing in, so there is no better time to buy a good spooky book. May I introduce to you MYSTERIA - An Anthology of Spooky and Mysterious Tales. These are all short stories that can be easily read during a tea break for your daily paranormal fix, or enjoyed in an evenings 'spook fest' with the wind rattling the window panes and the mournful cry of the wind in the trees.......well, you get the idea. ALSO, THIS WOULD MAKE A IDEAL CHRISTMAS STOCKING FILLER, OR A UNIQUE BIRTHDAY PRESENT.




If you find anything on here that offends your particular religion or belief system then this was never my intention - vive la difference. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I am assembling these pages for my own relaxation and enjoyment and I hope you enjoy them too.

If you spot any broken or out-of-date links, drop me a line and I will fix them immediately.

Please note: Any links to pages that I may add does not necessarily mean that I believe or endorse what these external websites say or do. I also have no control over the content of such websites.

The paranormal has been part of most people's lives from being small children. Anyone who hasn't heard a ghost story recalled on a dark and stormy evening has (in my opinion) led a poorer life for it. The film industry (or movies for those of you outside the UK) has long since embraced the paranormal from the days of silent, black and white films. The advent of satellite and digital TV brought forth a plethora of ghost hunting programmes. This is a website to compliment those programmes, but also to celebrate the thousands of amateur and semi-professional ghost hunting teams and individuals out there. So, drop me a line and I will add you to my ever growing list.

Parental control is advised for minors - a link is just a link - make up your own mind....and remember,
the paranormal is not a plaything!

I will try and remember to leave tweets every time I update either the website or my blog

Please feel free to leave replies on my blog. It's nice to get a little feedback from the rest of you ghost investigators out there.

Mysteria paranormal book